“Our focus at RBO is to partner with clients as their investment manager and to preserve and grow their capital through the consistent application of a disciplined investment methodology.” – Jack Oliver, Managing Partner
About RBO

RBO is an investment manager serving individuals, family offices, and institutions. We specialize in acquiring equity positions in publicly-traded companies with competitive advantages, exceptional leadership, and that we believe are significantly undervalued. Our dedication to long-term relationships and the consistent application of our investment approach have allowed us to protect and grow client capital for more than three decades.

As an independent Investment Advisor, we follow a commitment to honor and serve our clients, strive to be a symbol of integrity in the investment management business, and hold ourselves accountable to the highest measures of transparency. Our dedication to providing superior results for our clients has never wavered.

Key Elements of RBO’s Investment Approach
Independent Research

Independent research is the foundation of our investment approach and we believe a key differentiator from our peers. We believe in the importance of on-site company visits with senior management teams as well as the importance of analyzing competitors, customers, and suppliers.

Concentrated Portfolios

Diversification is important and we believe it can be effectively achieved by owning 20-30 companies across industries and geographies. By owning a limited number of companies, we invest only in our highest conviction ideas.

Long-Term Perspective

We believe the market frequently misprices stocks due to misinterpretation, inattention, emotion, and a short-term outlook. Because of our long-term horizon, we can think differently from the crowd and use these opportunities to purchase businesses at attractive valuations.

Global Exposure

Our portfolios are not bound by geographic constraints. We generally believe that we achieve international exposure by owning domestic companies with operations outside of the United States.

Minimized Costs

Since we view stocks as ownership stakes in businesses, we do not trade frequently in an attempt to generate short-term gains. By trading infrequently, RBO limits taxes and trading costs, two of the most common pitfalls of active managers.

Risk Management

We define risk as a permanent loss of capital and not by market volatility. We assess risk from both a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint by analyzing our investments one at a time, believing the best risk management method is by individual company analysis.